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FlexPony boots comes in 2 sizes:

90mm and100mm

 FlexPony boot has 2 replaceable both sides of the shell for adjusting the back strap and one ball rivet to adjust the pastern strap. 

You can also use replaceable  flat rivets  on the inner part of the foot for closure of the back strap. 

2 rivets that are attached at the back of the boot and are also replaceable. 

You can custom your boots with 8 different Flex gaiter colors

FlexPony boots have a unique sole design, that is not found in any other boot and it improves shock absorption considerably. This offers the horse great comfort on all terrain. 

FlexPony boots has unique FlexStud Base that will guide you where to add ice studs. 

We recommend 8 to 10 ice studs per boot to offer a good grip on icy terrain. 

We use BestGrip BG1100 studs. You will find these studs from a BestGrip dealer almost in every country.

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  • FlexPony Hoof Boots 90 and 100mm sizes (price listed is per boot)
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