Back Straps - sold in pairs

Back Straps - sold in pairs

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Flex Back Strap goes over the bulbs and attaches to the both sides of the boots with ball rivets.

  • S   FlexHorse 90, 100 and 100mm
  • M FlexHorse 120 and 130
  • L FlexHorse 140mm

Sold in 2 different colors: black and blue.  Red and yellow available by special order.

  • Back strap should be fastened firmly but not tight. If the strap is too tight, you will see how the hole of the strap is stretched. If that happens, you should loose the strap with one hole. Also, if the strap is too tight, it will not have the capacity to flex anymore and it can cause discomfort to the horse and the strap itself may get damaged.
  • By changing the position of the back strap to the upper or lower holes of the TPU gaiter, you can have more fit to the boot.
  • The best posture for the strap is when it follows the grooves placed on the shell of the boot.
  • If TPU gaiter makes a gap on the bulbs, then you may want to try to adjust the back strap in a lower setting.
  • If the back strap sits on at the higher point of bulbs, then it is too low and you may want to adjust it to a higher position. 
  • See more adjustments on the  Flex Hoof Boot blog